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Welcome to My German Shepherd Training, My name is Dennis Dalia, I’m a full-time dog trainer. I have over 25 years of experience with training dogs and dog owners. In that time, I’ve gained a good amount of knowledge about German Shepherd. My goal is to help and share some of what I have learned about breeding training and raising German Shepherds with you.

I have many years’ experience training all breeds of dogs and have owned multiple German Shepherds In my life. I have a big heed, wart for the breed a strong passion for training them. The most Important thing about dogs, you must train them or they will train you. I will be adding new helpful videos with some awesome trained puppies and older dogs. I hope that you will enjoy them because, I love to share helpful information and training methods that work well today, and for many years to come.

This is your home for the great dog training information and training tips and resources for starting your new puppy off on the right steps, with my helpful training guide for raising a well-trained German Shepherd puppy. I can only tell you that owning a well-trained dog is one of the best experiences that I ever had. The German Shepherd puppies are a great breed of dog and so much fun, because of super temperament, just wanting to please us, and they love to work and have fun. Attention and focus is the key to successful dog training and beyond!

Your Everyday Training Guide Is All About

How to raise and train your dog for everyday lifestyle. Building a solid foundation with your new best friend.

How to get started with training your puppy or older dog the right way.

How to avoid the Biggest Mistake that every pet own makes

How to solve your biggest challenges with your dog

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Many Dog Training Experts estimate that the 80% failure rate of people attempting to train their dogs is because of first, not having the right training; and, second, inconsistency in their training program. I have personally witnessed this far too many times.

German Shepherd Puppy Training. This is a six-month-old Puppy.

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Behavior Problems

To understand and learn why you have behavior problems requires the right dog training information. This information will play a big part in fixing any dog’s behavior problems. Every day I talk to people who have behavior issues with their dogs.  But it never ceases to amaze me how often I am told the same thing.  That they took their dog to obedience classes, but their dog is still running away, or will not stop pulling them down the road, and a litany of other behavior problems.

I have seen people struggle with trying to correct their dog’s behavior problems that had been compounded by incorrect or inadequate training. But for those people with the right information and training, I have witnessed success in their dog training.  This enabled them to truly enjoy having a well-trained dog, whether for personal protection or as a member of the family. The difference between failure and success is the right dog training information.

Dogs Do Not fail at training, people simply GIVE UP”       Leash Training A German Shepherd Puppy

Welcome to..Dog Training for Beginners.

Basic-Your foundation work.  As dog owners, we all want a well-trained dog?  If you never trained a German Shepherd before this will be one awesome journey for you. Understanding and learning pack structure in your dog will give you the proper love and respect for building trust and having a long loving relationship with your puppy or older dog. With the foundation work, that everyone needs to know.

Building Pack structure Puppyhood and Beyond!

Training begins the minute you bring home your new puppy or older dog. This is the number one biggest mistake that everyone makes.  It’s human nature.

We as humans are led to believe that giving our new dog time to settle into their new home and surroundings for weeks and months is what we should do. But that’s wrong.

You have to understand that all dogs and puppies live by rules and boundaries. It’s how they survive when living in the pack. That’s call pack structure.

So you need to establish pack structure with your dog. If you don’t establish the rules and boundaries they will.  And that’s when the behavior problems begin. And that’s why we having so many puppies, and older dogs are given up every day as I’m talking to you now.

Puppy training for beginners:

Eight weeks to sixteen weeks of age. How to get started with a new puppy? This will give you helpful information you need so you can start housebreaking right away, and why I’ve seen some many people fail at it.

Housebreaking a puppy.

Training needs to begin at Three Months of ages: Attention- Training Is Your Dog Focused On You? 

Building your dogs attention and focused, is the key to successful dog training.

Getting started with teaching basic commands. This is what everyone thinks they should do with their dog. But to me, it’s wrong because dogs learn how to respond through body language first. Then commands after. This is why I like to work with the nature of the dog. We can’t change the (DNA) of the dog, and how they learn. Understanding your dog’s mind, and how they see whatever you’re trying to teach them. Will give you the results you want when training a dog. This, way when it’s time for me to teach commands they are already responding to me.

When you start leash training with your dog, you need to teach your pup to focus on you first. By learning how to follow you around on a leash.  Attention training should be done from the beginning of leash work. This is, the biggest mistake everyone makes when they start leash training their dogs. This is why their dogs are still dragging them down the road.

If your dog does not pay attention to you, then how will he or she” ever learn any commands. Think about it for a minute or two.

You need to start training around your home first. Once you feel that you are doing better with your leash training and your dog stop pulling on the leash, Then I recommend you go out of your comfort zone to practice.

I recommend you start with two or three times a day, for 2o to 3o minutes each time you work your puppy. Then always end your training lesson with play. Like ball reward, or any other type of toy you like to use. Just have fun with them.

Here I’m training a four-month-old German Shepherd Puppy. Named, Roxanne. The next two videos with me and Roxanne, I’m taking her out of her comfort zone to practice.

How to start leash training work with a German Shepherd Puppy.

Here’re me and Roxanne training downtown in real-world distractions.

Learning how to handle a new puppy can be challenging.

What next?

Continue to read more in-depth information about getting your dog trained with my helpful tips and videos. I recommend you get started with reviewing some my other pages on this blog.

One of the most-asked questions –

This has always been a question that everyone always asks me. Do you recommend using food for training your dogs?  To answer this question, I have put a video together that explains my recommendations for using food as a reward. In this video, I show you how I use food for training my own dogs.

Dog Training Tips for more Advanced Training

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If you like my content and information that I’m sharing with you, please comment on what you like and share your thoughts. This shows me what to address when I’m making a video for instruction or writing the blog. Remember: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.:- Josh Billings

Best success to all!

Dennis Dalia.