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Dennis Dog Training Blog

Thinking about getting a German Shepherd. How do you know if you are buying the right German Shepherd? Four things you need to learn about owning GSD.

Well, today I like to share four important things about owning a German Shepherd. Over the last 15 teen months, I had more people asking me these question. What I’ve learned is, they all are thinking pretty much the same way, and not looking at the big picture.

If you have a German Shepherd now and have any question then you’ll want to watch this video. You may just find the answer to your question. Or if your thinking about getting one then, I recommend reviewing this video. It could save you a lot of time and money down the road.

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Are you thinking about owning a German Shepherd? If yes, then you must watch this video.

7 month old-German Shepherd Puppy-Testimonial

German Shepherd Breed
When we first met Dennis our little Loki was about 7 months old and he had been through the ringer. At 4 months Loki went swimming in a pond and came in contact with a rare bacteria that led to a major surgery, lots of therapy, and treatment thereafter. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time making sure he was alive, healthy, and happy. However, we had not spent as much time in structured training. Loki is a German Shepherd that’s familial lineage is Germany working line, so he definitely needed structure and training.

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Learn all about 7 months old puppy and he had been through the ringer.

How To Hold And Use A Six Food Leash.

Puppy Training German Shepherds

Dear friends Here’s the second video of Ingo training. How To Use A Six-Foot Leash The Right Way. This part two with Ingo a six-month-old German Shephard training. In the first video I share how to use the long-line with Ingo, and now it’s time to go to using a six-foot leash with him. [click to continue…]


With today's video, you'll learn how to hold and use a six-foot leash.