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    How To Use A Frisbee When Training A Dog

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    Training A German Shepherd Puppy

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    Dog Training With Dennis Dalia

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    Dog Training How To Use Food Reward

  • Dog Training Using Food Rewards

    How To Train Your Dog-Helpful Tips For Getting Best Results

Professional Dog Trainer

Dog Training for Beginners, and Beyond! My name is Dennis Dalia, and I’m a full-time dog trainer. I have over 25 years of experience with training dogs and dog owners. I became a full-time trainer and instructor only after many years of study and apprenticeship with world-renowned experts. I currently own and operate a professional dog training school, where I continue to spend countless hours training and studying canine behavior and our interaction with them. My goal with DennisDalia.com, is to […]

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German Shepherd Breed

7 month old-German Shepherd Puppy-Testimonial

Learn all about 7 months old puppy and he had been through the ringer.

Puppy Training German Shepherds

How To Hold And Use A Six Food Leash.

With today’s video, you’ll learn how to hold and use a six-foot leash.

Puppy Training German Shepherds

What Do You Do,When Your Dog Is Not Leash Trained at Six Months Old?

Is your German Shepherd leash trained? If not this videos for you.





Dog Training By Dennis Dalia