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Golden Retriever Training

My Golden Retriever, Amber, has been going to rally trials with AKC and has 4 titles: Novice, Advanced, Excellent, and Advanced/Excellent. She is currently working on getting her second Advanced/Excellent title. We have been working with Dennis, a professional trainer, and he has really helped us get these titles. Thank you, Dennis Dalia.



Courtney with her best friend Zeus. Courtney is nine years old and does training with her family’s German Shepherd, Zeus. It is important to teach children how to keep leadership when owning K-9′s. Courtney’s mom, Sandy, has done a great job teaching her kids to take part in training with their dog, Zeus. German Shepherds make great family dogs with the right training program. When Sandy started with The Dog Training Guy, she wanted to make sure that the training she was doing in class would not be undone when Zeus was not with her. She also wanted to make sure that Zeus didn’t just listen when she was around. To accomplish that, she taught her family the correct commands and what to do to maintain a leadership position with the dog. This is very important, especially when the dog weighs at least 20 pounds more than the one giving the commands.


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