Leash Training A Four Month Old German Shepherd Puppy,Roxanne

Dog Training for Beginners

Roxanne’s new video. German Shepherd Puppy Training. Discover the simple steps to leash training your puppy. How to become loyal and obedient puppy.

Learning how to handle a new puppy can be challenging for many people. But the little bit of work pays off, when you know what your doing.

Does your puppy mind like this? Please share it with me?

After watching this video with Roxanne, and using my information and training tips, you’ll be able to get great results.

At the time of shooting this video, Roxanne had been in training for only seven days.

Roxanne’s next training video will be available in just a few days. So please check back, because it will be another great lesson with more helpful tips that you can use with your own puppy.

Now you need to take action with your puppy, and you will see great results. Remember dog’s will not train themselves for you. It’s up to you to train them. Building that loving relationship with your new best friend.

Then I would like you to come here and share your success with me. How you and your dog did, by posting in the comments below.

If you like my content and information that I’m sharing with you, please comment about what you like. Share your thoughts. This then tells me what to address when I’m making a video for instruction or I’m writing in my blog. Remember: “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. – Josh Billings

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Dennis Dalia, Professional Dog Trainer.

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