Training A German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd Training

Do you know how to use a long line for training a puppy?

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating with my German Shepherd Princess.  How I use the long line for gaining more control in her, under real world distractions which will teach her to be a better focus and build a stronger attention.

Getting started with using the long line:  Dog Training is all about making it fun for you and your dogs or puppies.

What will you learn in today video:  I will be practicing my training commands, with a short training exercise, like sit, down, and come command.

The best way to get started with using a long line is, to practice your dog training around your home area first.  As you and your dog get better, then you will be able to go and practice in other areas.  Always try your best to have patience with your dog because of this. it’s new to them also.

When I work with clients this has always been an issue that everyone goes through when you are learning something new.  Not just for you, but think of your dogs, as well.  Remember, if you do your best to make it fun, your dog will then show you how much they are enjoying this quality time together.

If you’re getting frustrated, then just take a break.  Then when you’re relaxed you can go out and practice again.  That’s it.  Getting frustrated will only slow you down and knock you back in your training.  Your dog knows when you are upset with them.  Dogs are very smart when it comes getting what they want and also good at training their owners.

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I hope you enjoyed this training series with me, and I wish everyone the best.

If you’d like to see more posts on this?  just let me know by posting your thoughts in the comments.  This shows me what to address when I’m making a video for instruction or writing the blog.

Thanks Dennis


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