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Dog Training with my dog’s favorite toy.  Learning to use your dog’s favorite toy while training is one of the best ways to make training fun for your dog.  It will also help your dog to learn faster.

Why I love training my dogs this way. Do you use your dog favorite toy when training them?

Dog Training with my dog’s favorite toy!

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With all my years of dog training, I have seen so many people spent too little of a time trying to train their dogs, without making it fun.  Do not look at teaching your dog new training tricks, that it’s a job, just have fun and you will see a great deal of success.

I will tell you that many of dogs have developed bad behavior problems because they do not get the proper exercise they need on daily bases. Dogs are not like people. They are not hard to keep busy, If you give them something to think about and keep them busy, they will take it and ideally it will reduce that excess energy.

If your dog will not do retrieving training with a ball or any other toy, then find a way to give them the exercise they need. Maybe running or riding a bike, walking, anything that you can make work for both you and your dog. Just about all dogs will retrieve a toy. And remember to keep it simple. Now that week have a few weeks to practice, In the next post you will see how I will bring it into the real world.  Training A German Shepherd Puppy.

Welcome to your first post in a four- part series on dog training with helpful tips.

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