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How To Use A Frisbee For Play Training – Border Collies love to play.  And frisbee training is one of the things that I love to teach my dogs.

In this video you will see how I got started with Lindy, and what was the first thing that I stated to teach him when using a frisbee.

Learning to use your dog’s favorite toy while training is one of the best ways to make training fun for your dog.  It will also help your dog to learn faster.

I’m also explaining to you what I am doing, and what you need to know for when you’re first getting stared.  Remember, just have fun when you’re teaching and your dog will catch on fast.

Use the frisbee to reward your dog while training.  You can use a frisbee for teaching flashy moves, basic training commands, and learning new moves.  The Frisbee is a toy used for reward when you are training a dog.

How it all works

Always start off with teaching your dog how to follow the frisbee, just like I show you in the video.  Once you see that your dog understands the concept of following where the Frisbee goes, you can then start to add more moves to the lesson.  Remember, though, just having fun is the most important part of training.  It makes both you and your dog want to continue to train.

Anytime I start to teach a new client how to train their dog.  One of the big challenges I run into, is there frustration with their dog.  So this is what I tell them first)  The problem is, you need to understand why you are having these problems with your dog before you can fix them.

Then you can not get made because your dog is not responding to any commands yet. Many of times ones I can get them to be clam, then everything starts to fall in to place. And this is why you should watch this video because dog training needs to be fun, for both you and your dog.  Work your dog with just short training sessions each day. 

Thanks Dennis.

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