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Children and dogs. The most Important things we need to teach our children & kids.  This is a very command question that most people will ask about owning most breeds.

The thing that you need to understand that you always need to teach your kids how to act around all puppies or adult dogs.

Also training your puppy is a must, and do not overlook at training just because you may have heard many times that all puppies will be good, even if you don’t do any training, because of the breed of dog.  I have seen many of people overlook this because of their last German Shepherd did not need any training, all dogs need proper training.

German Shepherd dogs are characterized by their adaptability and physical dexterity. These dogs are very intelligent and loyal to their owners hence are appreciated and liked by everyone. German Shepherds are generally used as working dogs. They are very brave, enthusiastic, attentive, fearless, joyful, well-trained and keen to learn.

While adding German Shepherd as a part of a family member, make sure it is suitable for the situation. If they are raised with children, they would be comfortable to the poking and other such acts by the kids. Extra care and efforts are required while raising a puppy with small kids. Sometimes the growing puppy might use its teeth in playing with kids, resulting in scratches and other such marks. Kids often excite such puppies and they run all over the place. German Shepherds are good with children because of their compatible temperament and the fact that these dogs can easily be trained.

It is necessary to understand that children don’t understand the proper way to behave around a dog, therefore, proper supervision is required. Both child and dog should be given proper instructions. This can result in good understanding between dog and child. It may help a child to become a loving adult because he loved and was loved by the pet. As children love to play with their dog, due to over excitement German Shepherd may start pulling the child with no intention of hurting him, such accidents can occur and can easily be avoided if the dog is given proper training.

German Shepherds are good with children and they will be very loyal to them. Such dogs would follow the child everywhere they may even try to sleep in child’s bed. I’d recommend you never allow your puppy or older dog to sleep in bed with kids. If you do, you’re allowing the dog or puppy to dominate your children. Dogs do not see this as a cute picture.

We as humans sometimes forget to use basic common sense. Accidents do happen and young kids could wake up out of his sleep and spoke the puppy or older dog and can get bitten accidentally. As parents, it’s our job and responsible for teaching our dogs where to sleep, Not the children’s job. Kids should never be allowed to tease or beat the dog. It is very beautiful to see such relationship between dog and a child and it can be the most loving relationship a child may ever know.

If you are struggling with your German Shepherd or any other breed of dog. Please contact a professional as soon as you can and get the help you need. I will always give you a free evaluation with your dog so you will learn the proper training that you and your dog need.

Thanks, Dennis.


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  • Evelyn Medina

    When is the proper way to start training a German Shepard? And how do you start ? My husband brought home 2 German shepherds and we have two kids of are own one is 2 months and the oldes is 1 year and a half so I’m worried about the dogs once they grow ..:( o love animals but I’ve have never trained one

    • Dennis

      Hello, Evelyn, I would recommend you read the blog pages on Roxanne video training with me.You will find the answers to your questions below each post.Thanks for commenting.

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