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Dog Training Public Demonstration: Learn how to train your dog, with expert dog trainer Dennis Dalia.  In my videos you will see me working all kinds of different breeds of dogs, with many types of behavior problems.

Here’s a training video, with me and my Border Collie Lindy & my new 3 month old German Shepherd puppy. Princes- My super pup!

German Shepherds are one of the best breeds of dogs to train.  I say this because of their great desire to please, along with their intelligence.  You will learn that they are loyal by nature and generally are not easily distracted.  Training your dog when distractions are present is the way you want to train, whether with a young puppy or an older dog.  If you want to go places with your German Shepherd, then you need to learn how to have control anywhere you go.

Remember, that dogs love to go into new areas.  Every time you take you dog out to new place, your dog’s experience grows, and they become better trained.  This is my newest video with my German Shepherd puppy Princess.  You will see me teaching her how to retrieve and carry her toy, witch builds great attention.  Then comes heel, sit, down, stay, recalls, and much more.

Additional Dog News around the web public events with k-9 police dogs

I love hearing news about new k-9 getting there chances to go and fight the bad guys.  These dogs go thought months of dog training along with the officer handler being trained too.  2 K-9s to join Radnor police force. Main Line. The dogs will go on patrol with their police officer handlers, to help investigate crimes such as burglaries and robberies, as well as sniff for bombs before public events said Lt. Chris Flanagan.

Are you training you dog like this?  If you can, I love to hear your thoughts about what you are doing with your training, and how it’s going. I’m all ears!

About the author:  All about Dennis Dalia, I’m the guy writing the content on this blog. My goal is to share useful Information and tips on dog training, and Beyond. Follow me @ Twitter and check out my blog.

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