7 month old-German Shepherd Puppy-Testimonial

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When we first met Dennis our little Loki was about 7 months old and he had been through the ringer. At 4 months Loki went swimming in a pond and came in contact with a rare bacteria that led to a major surgery, lots of therapy, and treatment thereafter. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time making sure he was alive, healthy, and happy. However, we had not spent as much time in structured training. Loki is a German Shepherd that’s familial lineage is Germany working line, so he definitely needed structure and training.

 We had always socialized him, he always loved people, and is the biggest sweetheart, but he didn’t play well with toys, he pulled terribly during walks, or anytime on a leash, and off leash, control was something I didn’t even think about. I have to admit my initial impression of the E-collar was guarded, and Dennis is very HONEST, brutally at times, but he is right!!!!! Loki is now 1 year and 4 months. He runs around our yard off leash with ease, and with our trust. He doesn’t chase after rabbits, aggressive little attack dogs, or people. We take him everywhere we can, and he is comfortable, confident, obedient, and loves to be around people, children, and other pets.

Without Dennis, I don’t know what kind of furry parents we would be, because like he says he isn’t training your dog, he is training you. Your dog already knows what to do, knows what buttons, and limits to push, it’s your jobestb to know how to react, how to take charge, how to be alpha, and to become the owner that you can to provide the best, healthiest, fulfilled, happy, long life for your pet. Because they will love you unconditionally without question every second of every day. What human can say that? Don’t they deserve the best, the best chance at an awesome relationship with their owners? Thank you so much, Dennis, for providing us with tools, knowledge, and guidance to be the best that we can for our boy… You are the BEST!
With love and thanks,
Cory,Krista, and Loki.

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