4 Important things you must know about owning a German Shepherd

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Thinking about getting a German Shepherd. How do you know if you are buying the right German Shepherd? Four things you need to learn about owning GSD.

Well, today I like to share four important things about owning a German Shepherd. Over the last 15 teen months, I had more people asking me these question. What I’ve learned is, they all are thinking pretty much the same way, and not looking at the big picture.

If you have a German Shepherd now and have any question then you’ll want to watch this video. You may just find the answer to your question. Or if your thinking about getting one then, I recommend reviewing this video. It could save you a lot of time and money down the road.

You’ll see that I title this video for the four common questions Ask. Sometimes when shooting videos, I do get a little caring away and cover more than what I plan on. But that’s okay.

  • Four common questions:
  • Why do you own German Shepherds?
  • How many times a day do you walk your dog?
  • How often should you walk a dog?
  • What age should I socialize my puppy?
  • Should I get a German Shepherd import bloodlines or AKC German Shepherd?

What it’s like to own and live with a German Shepherd.

German Shepherd dogs are characterized by their adaptability and physical dexterity. These dogs are very intelligent and loyal to their owners. You must understand how to pick the right puppy that will work for you.

Most people always buy on the facts of how the puppy looks. But that’s not the best way to think about it. You need to understand the temperament of the puppy your thing of buying Understanding temperament of a German Shepherds, or any other breeds it all works the same way.

So now I like to tell you what I mean about temperament in dogs. In the dog world, Temperament is about the energy levels in the dog. High-level energy dogs are more strong head dogs, which means most of them are going to be leaders not followers of the pack. Lower energy dog will be easier to train for most beginners, and can and will be a great trained dog. Just because you own a low energy dog, it doesn’t mean it’s not a good temperament dog.

All puppies and adult dogs live by rules and boundaries. It’s how they survive when living in the pack.

But if you are a high energy person then you may want to think about the things you love to do with a dog. What are the favorite types of training you want to do? You’ll need to know so you and your dog will be happy doing training together? What are some of your goals for buying a dog?

These things are important to think about. You must put together a training guide for you to follow every day for your training. Most people don’t think about it and lose their focus and end up have many behaves developing because they stop their training. And when the puppy starts to grow up. They are faced with many challenges they never expected.

Never take a puppy outside it home to socialize with other pups and people an-til it’s had all its ( DHLP)  shots. This happens at the age of four months.

Here’s the video I did on how to pick a GSD puppy.

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Best of luck,

Thanks, Dennis.



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