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Rottweiler Puppy Training

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating how to teach and/or correct way to use a cotton web long-line when training a puppy. It’s important not to develop bad behavior from the beginning of training. Sadie is a four-month-old Rottweiler Lab Mix. This is her first time learning how to retrieve a ball. Dennis is teaching the owner how to use the e-collar the right way.

If you are using an e-collar to train your puppy, you should be using it for attention so you can communicate with your dog. Do not use for punishment. The e-collars the most misunderstood tool today in the dog training world.

Just think how easy this is, with just spending 30 minutes a few times a day, or a few times a week. You”ll see a big change in your dog if you do it!

Why should you do this?

Here’s a few reason,

1. Well, do you want a happy go lucky dog that will have good manners when you play ball with them?

2. Your puppy will learn how to retrieve the ball the right way.

3. No jumping, no nipping.

4. no more run-buys.

5. no more chase me games.

6. Your puppy will learn come when called.

7. You’ll be a happier puppy owner.

You will correct all these puppy behaviors with your dog. Remember this is the ages to keep your training going and be consistent every time you work your puppy. Every day you keep practicing your puppy will get better, faster than you think, and you will too. That’s why will call it puppy training. Keep it fun for you and your pup.

Enjoy and thanks for watching.

Thanks, Dennis.

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