Teaching Pit Bull Owners, How To Train Their Dog. And What They Need To Learn.

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Today’s lesson is about teaching and educating new Pit Bull owners how to train their dog. And what they need to learn so they will have a happy loving relationship with their dog. We have a lot of people that own this breed of dog.

This breed has been in the public eye for years taking the blame for the way they act, because of some people get this breed and do not train them, and do not understand how powerful they are. Pit Bulls are a loving breed. It’s what people do with them that has hurt this breed name, Pit Bull dog.

Anyone that knows and understand Pit Bulls will alway’s do what they can to protect this breed of dog because I have been trying for years and as a professional dog trainer. I will continue to do my best with any Pit Bull that comes to me for training as a Professional dog trainer. Learn more about the breed.

I have been blessed by some many wonderful people that have hired me to help them and educate them with training their dogs. I will always be thankful to them for recommending me to friends and family members for dog training and dog behavior training.

Pit-Bull Puppy, E-collar Training Dennis Dalia. Understanding the foundation work. Building attention and focus with your dog.

Apollo is a 10-month-old male Pit Bull puppy. Apollo has been through his basic leash training now for three weeks and he is doing great with his walking and heeling and sit, command sit, stay, come, commands.  Now it’s time to start conditioning him to the e-collar stimulation. E-collar training has been around for years. We have some many dog trainer teaching e-collar training all over the world to help and educate people how to use this tool.

I like to use for teaching off-leash control because it’s the safest way for me to be able to communicate with my dog so I can unleash the dogs potential so he can have fun running around and see what it’s like to be a dog.

Building attention and focus with your dog. I’m demonstrating with today’s video how to build a dog’s attention using an e-collar. Never use an e-collar for punishment. Use it for attention when training a dog.

Now it’s your turn to go and practice so you can learn how to get the new skills that you are learning.  Remember dogs do not forget what you have taught them people do.

PS: If you are using an e-collar to train your puppy, you should be using it for attention so you can communicate with your dog. Do not use for punishment. The e-collars the most misunderstood tool today in the dog training world.

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you have learned a few things.

Best of Luck, Dennis.



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