Leash Training A Four Month Old German Shepherd Puppy,Roxanne

Roxanne’s new video. German Shepherd Puppy Training. Discover the simple steps to leash training your puppy. How to become loyal and obedient puppy.

Learning how to handle a new puppy can be challenging for many people. But the little bit of work pays off, when you know what your doing.

Does your puppy mind like this? Please share it with me?

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Dog Training Dennis Dalia,German Shepherd Puppy Training, Roxanne

Training a four-month- old German Shepherd Puppy named Roxanne.  Roxanne has been in training for just two days before shooting this video. The first thing I like to teach any puppy is how to become loyal and obedient by being around real- world distractions and people.

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Border Collie Training, Expert Dog Trainer Dennis Dalia

frisbee Training

Dennis Dalia with his Border Collie Lindy. Lindy is now about 9 years old and still loves to train every day.  He is a awesome dog, and I love training him because he loves to please.

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How To Make Dog Training Fun, For You And Your Dog

Black German Shepherd

Advancing Your Dogs Focus,  How To Make Dog Training Fun, For You And Your Dog.  In today’s video, I’m demonstrating how to teach and/or correct behaviors with your dog.  By doing retrieving training drills. Your dog will love this training! Once you start seeing how everything comes together for you and your dog, your going to love doing these training exercises with him.

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