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Husky Basic Leash Training-Why dogs end up in shelters.

challenge you may come across, when recusing a dog from shelters.  10-month old female Siberian Husky named Dallas.

Video One

Why dogs end up in shelters-Here’s one Of The Biggest Reasons

In today’s video, I’m working with a 10-month old female Siberian Husky named Dallas.  Dallas is a sweet, loving-temperament puppy.  She loves other dogs and people, but she has a big nipping problem and this is why she ended up in a dog rescue.

This type of behavior can be a big challenge for anyone that does not have the patience and experience enough to work through it.  Losing patience is the problem I see most with pet owners.  What you see in this video is concentrated distraction.

I have her moving in one direction and then switch and go the other.  This keeps the dog’s focus on you.  Doesn’t give her time to think about nipping.  I keep it short and stop and praise the good behavior.  Then I move on quickening the pace.

This is where the nipping behavior occurs in most pups.  They get excited when the pace
picks up.  Keep it short.  Turn, go the other direction.  I keep her distracted so she has to keep her attention on me and she doesn’t have time to get over-excited and out of control.

I will be sharing the next video one week from today.  So, keep your eyes opened for my next update.  Please share your thoughts.  Like always, I do appreciate all your comments. And please feel free to share these videos with friends and family.  If you like this video and would like to see more videos like this, please let me know.

Video Two

This is  Dallas’ updated video, where I am showing you how her training is progressing with advanced leash work.  Here I am working in sits and returns.  I also drop the leash and move a short distance away.  This works up to a sit in motion eventually.

But the foundation starts here with short distance sit and stay.  I move back in if she starts to break.  Come back out and keep it short, calling her before she can break, and praising the behavior.  You will see how this starts to advance the training and it will build much better focus in a dog.

It’s important to remember that dogs end up in shelters, it’s not their fault.  This type of behavior goes back to their first and former owner.  People fail at taking the responsibility of the dog, and do want to put in the time to trained them.  If you do not have the time to to train a dog, it’s better not to rescue them.

I will tell you that Dallas did not ask to be put in a rescue, she just ended up thier with no other choice.  If you like my content and information that I’m sharing with you, please comment about what you like and share your thoughts.

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  • Tina

    Hey Dennis, Great class this morning this puppy will be awesome in a few months it take time and practice, they need to keep coming to classes. Thanks for all you do.

    • dennis

      Hey Tina, I’m glade you enjoy class today. You have done a great job with fixing your dog behavior problems. Your dog looks awesome!

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