How To Hold And Use A Six Food Leash.

Dog Training for Beginners

Dear friends Here’s the second video of Ingo training. How To Use A Six-Foot Leash The Right Way. This part two with Ingo a six-month-old German Shephard training. In the first video I share how to use the long-line with Ingo, and now it’s time to go to using a six-foot leash with him.

Leash training A Six Month Old German Shepherd, This video will teach you how to go about getting a German Shepherd Leash Train Fast.  What you will learn is how I use a 15-foot cotton web long line, to get him to come when I call him, along with teaching him that walking on the leash is not a bad thing. This way you will see how fast your dog can learn, to understand quicker, because the long line will give him more leash to gain his attention and help to Builder conference. You want your dog to learn not to run away from you when you first start a type of leash work.

How I will advance Ingo training from here on; I will be walking him in different places to condition him to all levels of distractions. It’s very important to learn how to desensitize your dog from all levels of distraction at a young age. Most people overlook this and end up with their dogs being scared of all cars and bikes and trucks ect.. I always recommend you start off working around your home, and when you and your dog ready, it’s time to go out of your comfort zone and practice. Best thing to do is set up a schedule to do this every day twice a day.

The important things I want you to learn and understand is how you need to have patience when you are practicing with your dog. This what happens to a lot of dogs that are raised in a back yard and have never ben walk. Leash and collar training should begin and be taught between 8  to 12 weeks of age, and beyond.

I would love to know how you’re going to put your training schedule together with your dog. Please share your story with me. I love to hear how you’re doing.

Thanks, Dennis.

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