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Dog Training for Beginners

Training a four-month- old German Shepherd Puppy named Roxanne.  Roxanne has been in training for just two days before shooting this video. The first thing I like to teach any puppy is how to become loyal and obedient by being around real- world distractions and people.


This is very important for your puppy. And this is the age they need to learn it. If you don’t teach them now, then your puppy will not be raised with good manners.

Every time I’m out training people like to tell me this” I know I should but I don’t do this.! It’s crazy not too. How will you ever train your new puppy or older dog to have the proper manners around everyday people in the real world if you don’t?

I want you to take a few minutes and ask yourself this question? But for anyone that does do this type of training with their dog, will have the control they always wanted and much more!

You’re action steps for today’s training,

Is to take your dog out as much as you can for the next week and just teach them how to act around people and distraction. Everyone loves puppies. There no better way than that to teach them how to act.

You’ll have so many people that will stop and ask you if they can pet them. Use those people to stop your dogs jumping, and teach your puppy not to break away, from you. These are distractions you will run into every day with your dog.

So if you want a well-trained dog under real world distractions, then this is the best way to learn how to train them.

Then I like you to come back to this article and share your success with me? Just think how easy this is, with just spending 30 minutes a few day’s a week. You”ll see a big change in your dog if you do it!

Why should you do this?

Well, do you want a happy go lucky dog that will have good manners when company comes over to your house?

Do you want a well-balanced dog that will be socialized the right way?

In the next video with Roxanne, I will be showing how we start to advance her training to a higher level. You will love it! So please check back in a few days.

If you like my content and information that I’m sharing with you, please comment about what you like and share your thoughts. This shows me what to address when I’m making a video for instruction or writing the blog.

Thanks for watching,

Dennis Dalia.



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  • Brian Emmons

    Looking good brother, that’s my little girl!! Subscribed to the link, so hopefully the e-mail problem is fixed. Keep on her Bud.

    • Hey Brain, thanks for subscribe and commenting. Roxanne is doing great. You will be very happy when you come to pick he up.
      Thanks Dennis.

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