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Dennis is teaching students how to use a toy reward for building a head-up heel. The student you see here are doing real-world dog training. Going to the next step and learning how to advance their training skills with their dogs.

Training a dog for everyday life. This is where I have seen so many people get confused about. This means teaching your dog to have manners everywhere you go and learning how to become a well-trained dog.

As pet owners, we all want a well trained German Shepherd puppy or older dog right! So when you don’t know where to begin, you need to look at what was your goal that you had in mind when you decided to get a new puppy. What will make you and your dog happy by doing things you love.

Like going for long walks every day, or bike rides, going to work with you if you have the type of job that will allow you to. Most people think that they need to go out and join a local dog training  group class because a friend told them too, or the veterinarian did. That’s okay, but it’s not always true.

Think about this for a minute or two. I always think about what I’m going to do on a day to day base with my dog, by doing things that you enjoy. You Must remember this. If you cannot train your dog by doing it yourself and are having problems. Don’t wait to the behaviors get out of control. Find a Professional Dog Trainer who can help you asp!

Teach your dog to be happy going different places with you will get them trained faster because you’re doing it consistency. This is what will give you a dog of your dreams.

Also, we need to do all of our house training every day too. Teach the rules that you will allow your dog to do. But remember all dogs and puppies need rules and boundaries.

So today, I like to share my short story with you” on how I trained my new German Shepherd named Prince!

She is now four years old and she is an awesome trained dog. What you’ll learn from this, is how I did it.

My goal with her was to start taking her anywhere I could so, then she would learn to get her well socialize good enough with all levels of distractions like cars bikes, people,trucks, etc..

This is very important for your dog. To me, this is so misunderstood by just about everyone I have ever talk too. Because everyone just thinks that running out and signing up for puppy obedience class is what they should do.

When people see me out with my dog, they always stop to say hello and tell me this, she is so well behaved and we were always told things like this when you have a young puppy you should go and do obedience class first.

When you think like this,  She just a puppy right now and she will grow out of the biting stages and the jumping stages. They believe that all puppies will stop that type of behavior on their own. I can’t believe it. This is why I say it’s one of the most important parts of training any dog. It’s call real world dog training. Building the loving relationship you always dream of.

As a professional dog trainer, I will tell you right now. You can have the best obedience trained dog, that will do every command for you, but still can have bad behaviors, like aggression with toys, or with people, or other dogs and cars, and trucks, food aggression. I see this every day with new clients dogs.

You’re action steps for today’s training,

Is to take your dog out as much as you can for the next week and just teach them how to act around people and distraction. Everyone loves puppies. There no better way than that to teach them how to act.

You’ll have so many people that will stop and ask you if they can pet them. Use those people to stop your dogs jumping, and teach your puppy not to break away, from you. These are distractions you will run into every day with your dog.

So if you want a well-trained dog under real world distractions, then this is the best way to learn how to train them. Then I like to share these articles with one friend you know, that would benefit from them, and share your success with me? Just think how easy this is, with just spending 30 minutes a few day’s a week. You”ll see a big change in your dog if you do it!

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Why should you do this,

Well, do you want a happy go lucky dog that will have good manners when company comes over to your house? Do you want a well-balanced dog that will be socialize the right way, and be trained the way that will make you happy? Having a dog that can go anywhere with you. To me, this is what I love to do with all my dogs.

Happy training.

Thanks, Dennis.