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Dennis Dalia with his Border Collie Lindy. Lindy is now about 9 years old and still loves to train every day.  He is a awesome dog, and I love training him because he loves to please.

This is a demonstration video about how you need to learn to train your dog under high levels of distractions. The one thing that is left out of dog training books, and courses, is no one ever teach this to their students. It’s call attention training and focus, with your dog.

This is the most important part about teaching your dog or puppy anything at all.  If you can not teach a dog to focus and build attention, how will they ever learn any commands.  Watch how my dog is watches me throughout this video and you will see Lindy head up all the time.

The best way to start teaching attention training is by using food rewards.  Then you need to start of by setting up a training schedule to follow everyday.  You first start of by teaching your dog,or puppy, to learn how to follow you and look for you, by moving different way, like right to left, when you see your dog give you eye contact that’s when you give them the food reward.

Watch the video below that I put a link to, how to use food rewards when training your dog.

Remember you are building eye contact first when start teaching attention training in your dog.  Just spend about ten to 15 minutes two or three times a day, everyday and you will start to see your dogs head come up more and more every-time you go out to practice with your dog.

The way, I start my training of each day, is in the morning before I start working with any clients.  Then depending on who I my be working with that day with their dogs or, dog.

Then I will bring Lindy out as part of there training lesson, to give them the skills they need to learn how to get better control of their dog, and fix any behavior problems that may come out while I’m working my client dog.

So now ,I hope you can see why you need to learn how to training your dog for real world distractions, and how important it is.  If you like to learn more about how to use these methods with your dog, or puppy.  Then I recommend you watch this video. How to use food for training a dog by Dennis Dalia?

If you have any question just post a comment below.  And if you like to learn more about how to train your dog?  This will help me for making more videos for the blog, and for  training any dog or puppy.
Thanks for taking the time to watch our videos. Dennis & Lindy

About the author:  All about Dennis Dalia, I’m the guy writing the content on this blog. My goal is to share useful Information and tips on dog training, and Beyond. Follow me @ Twitter and check out my blog.

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  • Dennis you have shared stunning article. from where i can find such training experts for dog training ?

    • Hi Michael,Thanks for your reply! I’m happy that you enjoyed my article.

  • Your video is really nice and have learned some ways to train my dog 🙂

    • Hi There, I’m glad you joyed my video,and I hope you got some helpful tips for training your dog. Thanks for sharing such a nice article.

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